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10 stunning automotive inspired gadgets

We are always exhilarated by the little view of our favorite cars. From Porsche to Ferrari, from Lamborghini to BMW, etc. Now we can flaunt these car designs in our pockets through these geeky gadgets with engraved emblems of our beloved cars. Take a look.

World's Best Limo's

HQ Wallapers of Future Designer cars

Take a look at some future designer cars.

Designing of Car using CATIA V5


HQ Wallpapers of concept bikes

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Ferrari Roller Coaster- Worlds fastest Roller Coaster in FERRARI WORLD

Theme park season is almost here, and if you look hard enough, your local park might be offering a sneak peek of the upcoming season any day now. No offense to Six Flags, but we’re thinking about planning something a little bigger for 2010. That’s why we are eager to see exactly what’s up with one of the world’s newest theme parks: Ferrari World. Sure, it doesn't yet have an official opening date and it’s a lot further away than Harry Potter’s new home, but driving a Ferrari around the United Arab Emirates sounds like a worthy alternative. Here are just a few things to look forward to when Ferrari World opens in Abu Dhabi later this year.

· GT Rollercoaster
This coaster will bring guests one step closer to actually driving a Ferrari as crazy and quickly as can be imagined. There’s two competing tracks, so you’ll be racing your buddies while sitting in something that resembles the latest in Italian super car design. The cars are replicas of a Ferrari F430 Spider, but they could definitely pass as the real thing if they had an engine. Designers have even included different launch sections which they hope will simulate real racing conditions, but you’ll probably just be trying to hold on as you reach speeds of about 60 mph.

· Yas Hotel
Any above average theme park needs an on-site hotel where visitors can rest up and recharge after a day in the parks. Ferrari World takes it to the next level with their Yas Hotel. It’s a 500-room hotel that surrounds one of the newest Formula 1 race tracks in the world. There’s loads of connectivity options, and they’ll even bring you an Xbox if you ask for one. If there’s a downside to this hotel, it might be that it is just too fancy. We’re not used to five-star lodging after a day of corn dogs and soda, but we’ll probably get used to it even if the place does look like a giant penis.

· F1 Rollercoaster
This thing is going to be the park’s biggest attraction, and that might be why they’re keeping things hush-hush for the time being. We do know that this is going to be the fastest coaster in the world, and it will claim this record by hitting speeds between 125 and 150 mph. We haven’t been able to find a guaranteed top speed, so don’t be surprised to see that things creep a little higher as we approach opening day.

· The Roof
In total there will be about twenty rides and attractions featured at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, all dedicated to everything racing and performance. There’s one of those drop towers to simulate extreme g-forces, but the one here will go over 100 ft in the air and will drop you back through the roof. The whole park is inside a 21-acre, Ferrari-red roof, and it's is topped with the largest Ferrari logo in the world—just so you know how to find it from the sky, we guess.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Win a Brand New Dell Inspiron 14 Laptop (Intel Core 2 Duo) at Sizlopedia's Giveaway

Almost every computer user wants to have his/her own laptop as it is easier to work on laptop than on PC. Some computer users couldn't buy a laptop just because it is costly for them. But now here is golden chance to win a brand new Dell Inspiron 14 (Intel Core 2 Duo) laptop as is giving away a brand new Dell laptop to its readers.

Dell has done more than anyone to keep the midsize laptop in play, churning out inexpensive, reasonably configurable systems, such as the Inspiron 1440. For less than $700, we got a perfectly fine 14-inch dual-core, wide-screen laptop, with plenty of configuration options if we wanted to add or subtract features.

The LED display measures 14.0 inches and features an extrawide 16:9 aspect ratio that matches up with HD video. With 1,366×769 native resolution, it’s great for 720p HD content, although the glossy screen coating can attract distracting glare from other light sources. A 1,600×900 display is available as a $75 option if you want a higher screen resolution (keep in mind, this will make text and icons smaller at their default size).

Dell Inspiron 14 (Intel Core 2 Duo T6600)

Notebook type Budget
Processor Intel Core 2 Duo P7450
Installed Size 3 GB DDR2 SDRAM – 800 MHz
Hard Drive 250 GB – 5400 rpm SATA
CD/DVD Burner CD / DVD read speed 8X
Display Type 14.0, Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD
Audio Output Features High Definition Audio 2.0
Battery Lithium Ion 48 Wh
OS Provided Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, 64bit, English

How to participate in the contest ?

It is really easy to participate in the contest. You can participate just by commenting or tweeting about the contest.

Link : Click here to participate and know more about the contest.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Another rivalary against TATA NANO - Hyundai's Compact car !

We’ve been hearing about Hyundai’s Tata Nano since last year and today we have more details along with photo renderings of the compact car. According to Hyundai’s Advanced Technology Center head, Cho Won-suk, the car will arrive on the market by next year.
Hyundai’s Indian sources say that the car will be powered by a 800cc engine and will be a direct competitor to the Tata Nano and the Suzuki Alto.
According to the Business Standard, the car is currently under development in Korea and prices are expected to start around 2 lakh ($4,500 USD).

Thursday, March 25, 2010

HQ Wallpapers of Future Designer Cars !

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Another Big Launch for India Automobile Industry- Nissan Micro to be launched in India in July !

Japanese carmaker Nissan on Tuesday said it plans to sell 100,000 vehicles in India by 2013, for which it will launch nine models in the next two years, including the sedan version of its latest compact car Micra – slated to be available in the country by July.

In order to achieve the sales target the company will enhance its dealership network to 82 by 2013 from eight at present.

"Our target is to sell one lakh units in India by 2013," Nissan Motor India Pvt ltd MD and CEO Kiminobu Tokuyama said a day ahead of the inauguration of a manufacturing plant developed by the Renault-Nissan alliance.

On increasing the number of dealers, he said, "We will have 82 dealers by 2013 from 8 dealers currently."

The company, which sells only imported models like sedan Teana and SUV Xtrail in India, will launch nine models by 2012, of which five will be locally produced and four will be completely built unit (CBU) imports, he said.

"The second model in 2011 will be a sedan based on V- platform, on which Micra is built and the third will be a multipurpose vehicle on the same platform in 2012," he said.

Tokuyama said India will be a key export hub for Nissan, shipping both CBUs as well as parts.

"For CBUs, exports target is 110,000 units by 2011 to over 100 countries and it will rise further to 1.8 lakh units later on," he said, adding that the firm will also export components to its other plants in China, Thailand and Japan.

The Ultra Low-Cost Car "TATA NANO" No longer be 1 Lakh !

The One lakh car need not be One Lakh anymore. Yes, with the increase in steel prices as high as 25% in April 2009, 2% excise duty on cars, 2% price hike on tyres, and increasing labor costs, all are pricking the price tag of Nano.

Although, Tata was reluctant to announce the newer prices of Tata Nano, the situations around, obviously infers that except the lucky first 1,00,000 owners who booked Nano, attracted solely because of Tata and the 1,00,000 rupees price, all others who shall book later this year , might need to shell out an additional Rs.30,000, applicable for all the three,Base, CX and LX versions.

What Nano had done more than its boastful ultra low price is the platform it has created in global automobile industries for low cost middle-class targeted cars. A notable point at this juncture is that out of every 1000 people in India, less than 10 people have a four-wheeler, promising a fantastic future for small cars in home land.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Fireballs: The Best Possible Outcome When Straight-Piping A Lambo

It might look like something out of a Burnout video game but this is what happens when you slap custom-made straight pipes onto a Lamborghini Gallardo. The result: Belching blue fireballs. Our inner hoon couldn't be happier.

This is what Lamborghinis are supposed to be — flame-snorting, ridiculous, bombastic, outrageous machines worthy of the charging bull on the badge — machines that should be feared as much as respected. In fact, there's something very wrong about a Lamborghini not consumed with a desire to maim or incinerate its operator.

Click Next to learn more about this bumper-melting beast.

This work is the creation of Fluid MotorUnion, who designed a completely new straight-pipe exhaust system using computational fluid dynamics to optimize for back pressure, flow and system weight and then manufactured it in stainless steel.

Based on popular demand, here is a high-resolution, desktop worthy version of this image, hosted by the fine gentlemen at Fluid MotorUnion

[via 6SpeedOnline]

At full chat, the dual tips will belch fireballs due to an unexpected quirk in the flow profile. They emerge with such explosive force as to produce a shockwave. Sweet.

[via 6SpeedOnline]

The stainless steel system develops an additional 30 HP over stock 25 lb-ft of additional torque. Those numbers are great, but shooting fire is totally worth the undoubtedly high price of entry.

[via 6SpeedOnline]

Since the car will live in the real world the system is fitted with vacuum and servo actuated valves from Hyperflow which mute the wild wail of the unrestricted F1 sound coming from the Lambo's V10. Here you can see the entire exhaust system with temporary vacuum lines running to the valves. At the flick of a switch or under agressive tip-in those valves open back up and attempt to set the world on fire.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

A Million Dollar Announces Million Dollar Prize for Unintended Acceleration Research

Looking to make a million bucks? Well, all you have to do is figure out the root cause for unintended acceleration in vehicles. said that it is going to offer $1 million to whoever (or a group of people) can figure out once and for all what’s causing the unintended acceleration issues in Toyotaand other vehicles. Of course, you have to come up with a solution as well.

“We have heard compelling testimony from consumers. Many incidents are not fully addressed by recalls. NHTSA is responding to the challenge with more of what they have already done: additional investigations. Isn’t it time to try a different approach? We at think so,” commented CEO Jeremy Anwyl. is currently working on coming up with rules for a new prize in hopes to attracting the best thinkers in the world.

“‘Open source’ created a forum for great programmers to contribute in building great software. Let’s see if this kind of ‘crowd sourcing’ can work in the pressing area of automotive safety,” said Anwyl.

- By: Omar Rana

Source: Edmunds

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Another Low priced hatchback - FORD FIGO sets to hit Indian roads next month.

Priced in the range of 3.5-5 lakh rupees, the new Figo is designed keeping in mind the needs and demands of the Indian Consumers.The new Ford Figo comes in two variants, a 70 Bhp DuraTec Petrol and a 68 Bhp DuraTorq Diesel engine. Figo has the largest boot space in the category of 284L. Figo is the well proportioned car giving you enough head, leg and shoulder space.

Figo is available in the following colors: Diamond white, Panther black, Moondust silver, Sea grey and Color ad red.

Ford is featured with rapid deceleration Warning system. The vehicles behind you will automatically be warned if the speed of the vehicle reaches 96kmph. The car is equipped with dual air bags fitted for the driver and the front passenger seats as part of the active safety standards

Ford Figo will be built exclusively in India and exported to Asia-Pacific and Africa regions. Now, dealer sources have revealed that the demo version is already available and the customers can book the model now. However, no test drives are being offered to the customers yet.

Read more: Ford Figo bookings start with deliveries slated for March 2010 - WheelsUnplugged Automobile Industry News
Under Creative Commons License: Attribution

Tata Aria to hit roads in Late 2010

Tata Motors unveiled its new crossover vehicle Tata Aria at the Delhi Auto Expo 2010. The model is set to arrive at the showrooms by second half of the year. "Tata Aria’s unique design and construction makes it robust, elegant and comfortable. The interiors, with three rows of theatre style seating, present a luxurious world of premium features comprising 3D surround sound, dimming roof lamps, in-dash built in GPS, a state-of-the-art infotainment system, multifunctional steering wheel, dual air conditioning with automatic climate control and cruise control,” said official statement from Tata Motors.

The UK R&D center of Tata Motors has significantly contributed to the design and development of Tata Aria. The same team had developed Tata Nano earlier and has worked diligently for past three years on this model as well.

The new Tata Aria will be powered by 2.2-litre direct injection common-rail (DICOR) diesel engine delivers 139 horsepower and 320Nm of torque, and 4WD is available as an option. The car has a design of an MPV but has capabilities of an SUV. It will compete with Ford Endeavour, Toyota Fortuner and Chevrolet Captiva in the Indian market.

Most Awaited Car of the year- Volkswagen Polo to start from Rs. 4.34 lakh !

Volkswagen launched its premium hatchback Polo in India on Tuesday.

Bookings have opened and the deliveries would begin from March 8. The car will be made available by the 40 Volkswagen dealers in the country. The ex-showroom (New Delhi) price of a 1.2 litre petrol variant is Rs 4.34 lakh and the high-end diesel variant Rs 6.70 lakh.

Mr Neeraj Garg, Member of Board and Director, Volkswagen Passenger Cars, said, “ It is for the first time that we are entering the volume segment and we hope that Polo will be the major growth driver for us. Our aim is to capture 8-10 per cent of the market in 3-4 years.”

The first Polo from VW's Chakan plant rolled out in December 2009. It was unveiled at the Delhi Auto Expo in January. The annual production capacity at Chakan is 1,10,000 units.

Polo has added to the competition in the high-end compact segment which includes Hyundai i10, i20, Maruti Swift, A-Star and Ritz, apart from Fiat's Grande Punto and Skoda Fabia. This category is the fastest growing segment which grew 55 per cent at 2,25,000 units so far in this fiscal. “We think it will grow even faster. And, we will garner a fair share,” Mr Garg said.

Asked about production and sales targets for Polo, he said that the company's entire focus was on the domestic market and there would be no production constraints. “We will serve as much as the market can absorb.” The Polo is priced below the Skoda Fabia, a hatchback from Volkswagen's group company Skoda Auto India. The Fabia starts at Rs 4.92 lakh and goes up to Rs 7.71 lakh. There was speculation in the market as to whether the Polo would be positioned above or below the Fabia, as worldover the VW is a premium brand compared to the Skoda. Ford India will shortly launch its hatchback Figo, adding to competition in the segment, which will intensify further once Nissan launches its hatchback in May.

Volkswagen will launch a new sedan in the second half of the calendar year.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

10 Stunning Automotive Inspired Gadgets

We are always exhilarated by the little view of our favorite cars. From Porsche to Ferrari, from Lamborghini to BMW, etc. Now we can flaunt these car designs in our pockets through these geeky gadgets with engraved emblems of our beloved cars. Take a look.

1. Nokia BMW Concept Video Phone:

2. LG VW Beetle MP3 Player:

3. Hummer HT1 Mobile Phone:

4. Ferrari 1100 laptop by Acer:

5. McLaren Sharp 770SH Mobile:

6. Lamborghini Nokia 8800 Siro:

7. Lamborghini Asus VX3 laptop:
8. Ego for Bentley Laptop Bag:

9. Motorola MotoRAZR Maxx V6F:

10. Porsche Design P6341 Edition Watch:

Dassault Systemes Launches Release 20 of V5 PLM Platform

A world leader in 3D and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions, today launched Release 20 of its collaborative V5 PLM portfolio, including CATIA, ENOVIA, SIMULIA, and DELMIA. Today's launch of V5R20 includes enhancements to DS' ENOVIA SmarTeam multi-CAD collaboration software, integration of SIMULIA's nonlinear and thermal realistic simulation capabilities into the V5 platform, as well as unique composites design and simulation capabilities in the CATIA and SIMULIA brand portfolios. V5R20 also features various enhancements across the entire product portfolio, including digital manufacturing, furthering support for production deployments and overall usability.

V5's openness is advanced in Release 20 with updated multi-CAD integrations and a new 3D viewer available directly within ENOVIA SmarTeam. In addition, V5R20 introduces a new product, CATIA Extended STEP Interface. It enhances large assembly archiving with nested assembly support and in V5R20's Q2 2010 update will feature unique comprehensive support for composites design attributes and functional tolerancing & annotation data. Q2 2010's update to the entire V5 portfolio will also include support for Windows 7.

"Comprehensive, robust, and proven -- these are words I use to describe our DS PLM implementation," said Dan Lyvers, vice president, Engineering, Viking Range Corporation . "The breadth of the DS PLM portfolio ensures that we can consistently deliver on all of our major programs. And the tight integration of the individual solutions, including ENOVIA SmarTeam and CATIA, ensures collaboration between our enterprise and multi-discipline engineering users, enabling everyone to innovate together."

"My guiding philosophy is that Dassault Systemes never rests. Our commitment is to deliver not only the grand innovations that enable tomorrow's industrial processes, but also constant, unwavering improvements to our customers' deployments," said Dominique Florack, senior executive vice president, Research & Development, Dassault Systemes. "It is the innovations in the details, that frequently make the difference for our customers."

Thanks to realistic simulation technology from SIMULIA, V5R20 now enables customers to include nonlinear and thermal physics behavior in their design while maintaining full integration with PLM data and processes.

"We are focused on designing reliable fire detection and extinguishing equipment that experiences extreme pressure during operation. It is critical that we simulate the physical performance of our products both accurately and efficiently," stated Jean-Marie Bocquart, technical director, L'Hotellier, a Hamilton Sundstrand company. "Due to stringent performance and development time requirements, we selected SIMULIA V5 Extended Analysis to improve the analysis of our products' nonlinear behavior during the design phase directly in CATIA V5."

V5R20: Investing in Collaboration and Openness

CATIA V5R20 serves customers in production and support business processes across all industries

-- CATIA V5R20 leverages collaboration and productivity with CATIA Composites solutions: -- Enables seamless collaboration between engineering and manufacturing thanks to full generative manufacturing part creation taking into account engineering requirements. The manufactured part is automatically created from and synchronized with the engineering part, taking down the turnaround time from a day to minutes.

-- Offers concurrent working on the same composite part, later merging and synchronizing separately designed stacks into a single manufactured composite part.

-- Delivers significant gain in productivity thanks to the new grid-based design methodology which automatically generates plies by taking each cell's composite specifications defined during simulation and applying composite design best practices.

-- CATIA V5R20 ICEM shape design solution provides the full ICEM capabilities augmented with the V5 values: Associativity, Capture and Reuse, Know How capitalization and Business Process workflow integration.

-- CATIA V5R20 delivers top requirement for the aerospace industry by promoting openness and collaboration for STEP Interface: It advances large assembly archiving with nested assembly support and will include full composite data and FT&A in the standard STEP format. This enables long-term archiving of this data, as well as improves data exchange between different CAD formats.

-- CATIA V5R20 fully addresses powertrain processes. Functional modeling allows users to design components such as oil pans, gear boxes, or motor brackets up to 40% faster than the competition. It also enables extended collaboration on complex components designed simultaneously by multiple users.

V5R20 Accelerates Realistic Simulation:

-- SIMULIA Inside V5 for Enhanced Analysis: SIMULIA Extended Analysis allows V5 users, including designers, to simulate real-world nonlinear or thermal behavior of their products with proven Abaqus FEA technology. -- Nonlinear analysis capabilities now allow users to accurately simulate large displacements, complex contact interactions, and highly deformable materials such as rubber and plastic.

-- Integrated thermal analysis functionality enables V5 users to improve product performance by analyzing the effect of temperature distribution in parts or assemblies, such as electronic circuit boards, automotive engines, or consumer appliances such as stove-tops.

-- Rule Based Meshing: This new product enables V5 analysis users to capture their knowledge and define meshing rules to automate the creation of high quality surface meshes. Other V5 users can then select their target simulation application such as noise and vibration, durability, or crash, and have a mesh created automatically, accounting for element quality and geometric features such as holes and fillets. This results in greater efficiency, improved mesh consistency, and greater confidence in simulation accuracy.

-- Improved Analysis of Composite Materials: V5 analysis capabilities enable users to simulate the structural integrity of composite layups defined in CATIA Composite Design (CPD). Improvements in simulation post-processing capabilities enable ply-per-ply post-processing of analysis results using ply names.