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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ferrari F1 Busa Trike- Modified Hayabusa

There’s so many ways to make a custom vehicle. like this japan modificator who made a Ferrari F1 from his Suzuki Hayabusa Bike. His amazing tuning was shown on 2009 Tokyo Auto Salon Exhibition. This Ferrari F1 Busa Trike with a high spec really reminds us to the original ferrari f1 car. but this people made this awesome vehicle modification from his suzuki GSX 1300R hayabusa.
Some conversions are good, some are great and some stand apart because of the ingenuity and effort the creator has put into its making. Here is an embodiment, straight from Yokohama, Japan. A man has done an amazing conversion that even Ferrari can’t help but appreciate. This man took the Suzuki Hayabusa and converted it into an awesome Ferrari Trike. Christened as F1 Hayabusa Ferrari, the trike has been modeled to look alike Ferrari F1 car. Don’t forget to check our previous post about F1 Steering Wheel.
The sad fact, however, is it won’t ever enter into production as the Ferrari has appreciated the conversion and has no problem with fan owning one, but hasn’t allowed the creator to produce the copies of his this F1 Hayabusa Ferrari. Nevertheless, hit the jump to checkout images and watch a video.

Such an awesome tuning of Suzuki GSX 1300R Hayabusa into a Ferrari F1 Trike.


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