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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Designing of Car using CATIA V5 !!!

CATIA (Computer Aided Three Dimensional Interactive Application)
CATIA is one of the most advanced CAD software available,used for high-tech engineerig design.
As all major F1 teams like McLaren Mercedes,Ferrari,Toyota, BMW,Honda etc are using CATIA software for F1chassis or engines design.
CATIA is a CAD/CAM/CAE commercial software suite, widely used throughout the engineering industry, especially in the automotive and aerospace sectors.

CATIA enables designers to concentrate on what they model and not how to model it. HAving designed the product, 2D drawing ad Photorealistic rendrings must for visulization and production-CATIA gives the easily CATIA's 2D drawing generation is flexible and also interactive,enabling the designers to incoporate all details meant for production.

Assignment-To design any system which consist of minimum 4 parts, fully drawn
and assembly by using CATIA.
A simple car suspension system
For designing a cars suspension system we will firstly design a coilover shock absorber.

Coilover shock absorber
The 3D modeling of shock absorber consist of 9 parts in total. The main feature of this shock absorber is the Hi-Lo adjustable spring seat and Mono-Tube shock absorber.It contain valve, piston,seal inside the shock absorber cylinder.

Chassis main frame
Then lets draw the chassis main frame. It looks very simlpe but actually its not that simple. Besides the frame and coilover, there are many many other parts to draw like link, joint, bolts, nuts. so the whole system can be fully assemble.

Then all the parts are assembled together to make full assembly of suspension system. The Hi-Lo adjustable spring seat on the coilover will allow the height adjustment of the whole suspension system. which means if you have this system in your car, you can actually adjust the height of car as you wish.

Side view
Different parts used in assembly
This asignment contains total 23 individual single parts and total of 58 assembly parts.

After watching this assignment you can imagine that how skillful an engineer who works for those F1 Teams has to be, where they have to design total 3500 parts for the F1 cars, and each part must be the best design so their car can go faster.

Real Toyata F1 CATIA design


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