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Saturday, February 27, 2010

10 Stunning Automotive Inspired Gadgets

We are always exhilarated by the little view of our favorite cars. From Porsche to Ferrari, from Lamborghini to BMW, etc. Now we can flaunt these car designs in our pockets through these geeky gadgets with engraved emblems of our beloved cars. Take a look.

1. Nokia BMW Concept Video Phone:

2. LG VW Beetle MP3 Player:

3. Hummer HT1 Mobile Phone:

4. Ferrari 1100 laptop by Acer:

5. McLaren Sharp 770SH Mobile:

6. Lamborghini Nokia 8800 Siro:

7. Lamborghini Asus VX3 laptop:
8. Ego for Bentley Laptop Bag:

9. Motorola MotoRAZR Maxx V6F:

10. Porsche Design P6341 Edition Watch:


Those gadgets are truly adorable and so much touchy with the cars. The logo of the world famous brand is attract to the every person in this world I also the same.To know more information please visit here

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